Kenny Kasali

Heavy Duty Technician Apprentice

“Nina is amazing. She has taught me things I thought I already knew. I have a new perspective on life from taking her class. I am now a better person and understand life and living better, plus I have confidence that I can apply for jobs with my resume and get the job. I now write a mean resume and cover letter and to cap it all, I have the attitude to work anywhere and be a success. Thanks Nina, 5 star from me!”

S. Broadfoot – over 50

“This was one of the best interview workshops I’ve ever attended. They helped me to think outside the box and prepare for an interview on a level I never thought possible. I am actually excited to go for an interview now".

D. Klein; Teen Employment Group

“Amazing info, facts and humor. Really worth much more than what we paid for!”

R. Jacobs; BC

“I was incarcerated for a while and you gave me the confidence to go for an interview and explain my gap in my employment history honestly.”

L. Cromwell; AB.

"I was so well prepared during my interview with my Portfolio and Action plan, that the Interviewer offered me the job instantly! I could also negotiate my salary comfortably. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!! I could not have done this without your seminar! Well worth more than I expected.”

N. Burgess – B.O.P.

“We used the professional expertise of Ms. Raj for our contract with the Bureau of Prisons, to teach Life Skills and Employment Skills to the inmates in an effort to prepare them for their release program. t The results were better than we could have ever hoped for! The B.O.P. noticed the reduction in the recidivism rate of these inmates. Absolute success is all we can say… “Thankyou!

R. Hansen – Single mom

“Really valuable information! Answered all my questions and made me think.”

E.L.F. Inc – Canada/ USA

“We have used your services in the past and have found you to be not only extremely competent and professional, but the results were more than we expected at all times. You were always ahead of the curve and our clients have repeatedly asked for your services. Your genuine concern for the success of the people has always been ahead of your financial gain! As far as we are concerned, you are the tops!”

P. Rocha

“As a newcomer to Canada, your info saved me a lot of preparation time and I found a job 2 months faster than my cousin who decided to go on her own. Gracias!”