Preparing for a Job Interview

Preparing for a Job Interview

Duration : 2.5 hours


Your goal in an Interview is to "Sell yourself” and your services as the very best solution for a Company’s problems. You need to convince the Hiring Mgr of your abilities. In order to succeed at that, you have to absolutely prepare for the Interview and to understand the Interviewers perspective.

Topics covered:

  • 5 Difficult Interview Questions and how to correctly answer them.
  • 2 Most Important strategic questions you MUST ask during the Interview.
  • 4 Hidden questions you must answer in order to satisfy the Interviewer.
  • Words you should NEVER ever say in a Job Interview.
  • Handling questions about Salary.
  • The power of a “Brag book”.
  • Follow up after an Interview.
  • Expectations and etiquette during the interview.

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