Frequently asked questions


1What Kind of jobs are available in Alberta?
Alberta is literally the land of opportunity. However, landing that dream job is not always as easy as most people think. Our facilitators will help you identify the skills you need, the best approach to applying for the job in the correct manner and how to present yourself in the perfect interview to make that job a reality.
2What is a Portfolio and do I need to one?
The world of job search is changing and Yes! I Am Hired will help you develop a winning personal portfolio which will set you apart from all of the other job seekers. We will show you how important a portfolio is and how to build the best one for your skills. The best portfolios have very specific information to show the employer your past performance and your future worth to the company you are applying for.
3What resume works best for the job I want?
Resumes are more than just a list of your past accomplishments. When they are used properly they open doors to the interviews you want. Let us show you how to write the best resume which includes the proper length, format and the buzz words that get you noticed for the industry you want to be part of.
4Do I need a Cover Letter?
Cover letters are one of the most important introductory tools to help you get the job you want. Let us show you how to write an outstanding cover letter that is specific for the job you want to get.
5References: Who should I ask and why?
Having the best references is critical to landing the job you want. Let us show you how a good reference does not necessarily mean the boss you just worked for.
6How do i create an Action Plan?
When properly used, an Action Plan can put you over the top and show a potential employer you are the right person for the job. Without an Action Plan, you might as well forget about getting in front of the line for the job!
7What should I know to prepare myself for an interview?
What is the importance of a handshake? Is there a hidden meaning in accepting a cup of coffee before the interview starts? The interview process is much more defined than you think. Learn the answers to the questions you will be asked in an interview and how to think on your feet for the unexpected questions that may arise. Proper interview etiquette and critical follow-up are covered in detail.
8What are Soft Skills and why are they so important?
Soft skills complement hard skills to enhance an individual's relationships, job performance and career prospects. Learn what soft skills you possess, what skills you need to master and how the skills you already have may land you the job you want today.
9What is the Hidden Job Market?

Exactly how many jobs are really out there? How many jobs are advertised as opposed to the number of jobs that lie waiting for you to discover? Learn how to tap into the Hidden Job market and reap the benefits of being a step ahead of your job search competition.

All of our seminars conclude with a Question and Answer period in which you can tap into the experience of the facilitators and get the answers you need for success.